2010-01-07 09:43:57 by AttackBanana


Finished the cartoon. My very first with my own voice overs. Hearing your own voice on a recording is weird enough, but hearing your voice trying to sound like other voices is weirder. And then you have to sit there and listen to it over and over as you sync everything.

It's just too weird and I don't like it, but I guess it has to be done.

Well... animation is done. VO next. Then syncing. Then finishing touches.

There was a small "Left 4 Dead" related delay, I'll try to be more on track this week.

Which unexpected accent is funnier: deep gravely southern or high nasally mexican? This is important!

Ok... so it's been quite a while since I've made any new cartoons and it's been since never that any of them were actually that funny to begin with.

Years ago, I animated on a shitty iMac G4 that couldn't sync sound for shit, I used a mouse, and had a short attention span that typically lead to me rushing through the whole process of making a cartoon. Like I said, that was years ago.

Today seems to be the perfect day to start anew. I have a 10 hour long night job that allows me long spans of free time at a computer meant for graphics and design and what-have-you and I also have a tablet and a for serious not illegal copy of a very recent flash.

Most of all, thanks to my best friend in the world, I have actual content that has great potential for becoming very funny cartoons.

All of that other stuff I've submitted in the past is going to be a pile of turds when I'm done with this newest flash.

Get ready...

... let alone make one.

Nobody's going to read this until I make one, that's for sure.

Although I have strong respect for the Clock Crew (the good ones and not the 12 year old retards), my next project will be nothing of the sort.

Hopefully I follow through on this beer fueled idealistic rambling.

-attk out